Delivering Hope

WDCoS – Delivering Hope

Through the pandemic times we have all depended more on delivery drivers, and some of our newly settled refugee friends are working in this sector, as taxi drivers or delivering fast food and amazon parcels.

We deliver

For those people WDCoS helps by means of the Asylum Seekers Support Fund, we often make weekly deliveries of food and of financial help.  For them there is often no other means of support.  But delivering this is not just about what we deliver.  It is also an opportunity to express friendship and solidarity. Even meeting each week on the doorstep over a bag of food and an envelope of cash is a precious bit of social contact.  As the delivery person, I now have several smiling faces to look forward to each week.  A chance to catch up on what’s new, especially when going out is maybe challenging or even at times impossible.

We receive

One time, delivering to newly arrived Afghans, the driver wasn’t allowed to get away without a generous gift of cooked food!  It was delicious – but the important thing there wasn’t the food, it was the fact that in receiving food, the driver was able to give them something more precious – dignity.

Clothing for new arrivals

As delivery drivers we also have the privilege of delivering to people seeking sanctuary in the local Home Office provided hotels and hostels. People staying in these places have often arrived recently, this year after a hazardous channel crossing in a dinghy. We deliver new sets of basic clothing to new arrivals, and also help people with specific clothing needs. At this time of year this will especially include some warm clothing so that people can get out and explore our lovely city.

Delivering with love

But it isn’t just clothing we deliver. This year local churches gathered hundreds of wrapped presents especially for the children, each present wrapped with love and good will.  Alongside these we were able to deliver lots of art and craft boxes personally packed by people at the Art House to help people with creative activities. Through the year we have also delivered 130 Tablet computers for loan to the hotel and hostel residents.

Delivery work is routine and needs regular commitment – but it is very rewarding. And we are always looking for more people to help us in this way.