Now we know how it feels to be an asylum seeker in the United Kingdom. Your life is controlled by the government.
You cannot go where you want to go
You are promised money to survive, but it’s really difficult to get it.
You are not allowed to work anymore, even if you can and want to.

In this time of Coronavirus lock down we suddenly find our world has changed, and nothing is as it used to be.

So many things we took for granted are no longer there or available.
We worry about finding enough food for ourselves and our families.

So many of our volunteers who gave up their time to help others now find themselves to be in the “vulnerable” category, and must stay at home.

The buildings where we used to meet are closed and with them, much of our resources.

Currently, we are still able to provide help in the way of clothing parcels, and food – we are grateful to our local Morrisons for continuing to donate food to us during this crisis.

We are campaigning for recently dispersed refugees to be given phones or other media, so they can stay in touch with the news – what could be worse than a lock down when you can’t even find out what is going on?

We thank all our supporters old and new, and hope you can all stay safe.

We will get through this 🙂

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